Speedify Can Help Fix Slow Internet in Rural America

For us city dwellers, we tend to take high-speed Internet for granted. As people who are always on-the-go, having Internet access is probably one of the most important aspects of our lives, from the ability to communicate to getting an assignment done. But what about the folks in rural areas? Many don’t get the same luxury. It has recently come … Read More

User Spotlight: Connectivity in Rural Areas

There are times when we don’t even realize how Speedify is utilized until someone reaches out to tell their story. It’s easy for someone in a city or who lives near areas with good Wi-Fi connections to use Speedify, but what about the users in rural areas? We recently received an email from a new user, Caleb, who gushed about … Read More

User Spotlight: Speedify Mobile Persistent Connectivity

The best apps and tech products are all about making life just a little bit easier. At Speedify, we work really hard to make sure our apps help people in their day to day lives, and are ultimately genuinely good products. That’s why it’s exciting to hear from long-time users who reach out to praise our latest updates. Today we’re featuring a message … Read More

The Secret to Never Going Over Your Data Cap Again…

Avoid Overage Charges

The other day, a memo from Comcast leaked that offered some eyebrow-raising insight into the ISP’s internal “party line” on the data caps they impose on customers. Comcast (and practically every other Internet provider) has always maintained that data caps on home and mobile Internet plans are a necessary evil in order to control overall congestion on their networks. To literally no one’s surprise, the … Read More

What Really Happens When Wi-Fi Goes Bad on Your iPhone

Have you ever wondered why your phone’s streaming music, podcasts, and videos stop every time you leave your home or office? All iPhone and Android users have been there: You start a Spotify playlist to get pumped-up for the morning workout, only for it to be interrupted the moment you step outside the house. How about when you’re trying to … Read More

3 Ways Speedify Will Make Your Phone Better

Whether you’re a loyal iPhone user or have the latest Android smartphone, you’ve experienced it: slow connectivity when your Wi-Fi or 4G signal only has one bar. Even worse, podcasts and streaming video get interrupted as you’re going about your day, when the device switches from one network to another.