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Speedify has speed in its name for reason. On desktop and mobile, our unique channel bonding technology makes for a speedy, realiable connection.

Channel Bonding

The technology behind Speedify’s connection magic is called Channel Bonding. We combine multiple Internet connections – Wi-Fi, cellular, ethernet, etc. – to provide increased bandwidth, lower latency, and better reliability.

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  • Better Streaming

    Stream or broadcast live without throttling, errors, or constant bufffering.

  • Better Gaming

    Improve latency and reduce lag for faster gameplay and more reliable performance.

  • Priority Rules

    Set custom priority rules for each of your Internet connections and monitor usage with Speedify.

  • Broad Coverage

    Our server network is spread across 28 countries, ensuring the best connection based on latency and availability.


With Speedify, all of your data is 100% safe. Guaranteed.

Military Grade Encryption

Speedify uses a military grade ChaCha-based 256-bit key VPN encryption algorithm. Not even the most experienced hackers could snoop on the traffic going through our VPN servers.

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  • Peace of Mind

    Keep your personal data safe from hackers, snoops and other cyber criminals.

  • 3X Performance

    Our ChaCha encryption cipher delivers 3 times the speeds of other VPNs.


Accidentally step out of range of Wi-Fi? Even if you’re in the middle of an important file transfer, Speedify will seamlessly failover to your other working Internet connection without skipping a beat.

No Interruptions

When you’re using Speedify, you automatically have an internet failover software solution up your sleeve. All you need is at least two available connections and you’re all set!

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  • Reduce Packet Loss

    Speedify uses a variety of techniques to fix lost and corrupted packets before they slow you down.

  • Redundancy

    We send your data across all available connections to provide maximum realiability and consistency.


VPNs are the best way to anonymize your web traffic and stay private online. But some companies are sneaky and log user data so they can serve ads based on activity. Not so with Speedify.

No Log VPN

Speedify has a strict no log VPN policy: we do not log what you do, what sites you visit, or what services you use while using the Speedify VPN service.

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  • Serious Privacy

    Unlike other VPNs, Speedify will not sell, rent, or disclose your personal information to other companies.

  • Hide Your IP

    Your web traffic will originate from one of our IPs, protecting your identity from snooping ISPs and hackers.


Unblock your favorite apps and services while at work or school, safely access your email at the coffee shop, and watch region-locked content from back home while traveling.

Access Region Locked Content

Some of today’s best streaming services are only accessible in specific parts of the world. Get around region locked content by utilizing Speedify.

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  • Bye, Bye Big Brother

    If your network administrator keeps certain sites and services blocked, Speedify can help circumvent that.

  • BitTorrent Friendly

    We maintain a network of servers in a variety of locations, all optimized for BitTorrent and P2P activity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Speedify is the best mobile VPN in the world, here’s why:

  • We use better encryption for mobile devices than anybody else
  • We use channel bonding for bandwidth aggregation. Speedify can combine any kind of internet connections including: Wi-Fi, cellular, Ethernet, DSL… whatever gets you on the internet can be used.
  • We support gapless handoff / connection failover

Don’t let the fact that we’re a “mobile VPN” scare you. “Mobile” here means that we can switch between internet connections without missing a beat. It’s still the best VPN for desktop computers as well, for all the same reasons.

No, we do not log what you do through our servers. That includes no IP addresses, no site names, and none of the data you send or receive.
Speedify works with all programs and applications that use the Internet. Our channel bonding technology intelligently divides your traffic between connections on a per-packet basis, so even single-socket applications such as streaming music and movies (like YouTube), uploading to and downloading from cloud storage, and live video streaming can be given a speed boost by multiple connections.
Yes, Speedify uses the latest encryption technologies to encrypt all your traffic. By default, it uses ChaCha20-Poly1305 for data encryption and ECDHE-ECDSA for handshake encryption, utilizing 256-bit elliptic curve keys. (TLS_ECDHE_ECDSA_WITH_CHACHA20_POLY1305_SHA256)
We allow BitTorrent on our “P2P Servers”. Click the server cloud in the software and then you can easily pick from our servers that allow Bittorrent and other P2P traffic.
The Speedify client software is currently available for Mac, PC, iOS, & Android. Minimum operating systems required are:

  • macOS 10.10
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Server 2008 R2
  • iOS 9.0
  • Android 4.4 (Kit-Kat)
We use a combination of dedicated and virtual servers, depending on location and scalability needs. All of our servers have at least 1Gbps network access.
Yes! Speedify’s smart channel bonding technology can take into account the cost of each network connection. If you click on the connection’s circle in the app, you can set the Priority to let Speedify know how it should be used:

  • Always – Use this connection all the time to boost Internet speeds
  • Secondary – Only used when connections set to ‘Always’ are congested or unavailable. This setting is perfect if you want to use your 4G card or other costly Internet connections just when they’re needed to help keep your connectivity smooth.
  • Backup – Only use this connection to keep you on the Internet if none of the ‘Always’ or ‘Secondary’ connections are available
  • Never – Don’t use this connection
No, unlike some “free VPNs” where you are the product, we do not make money showing you ads or selling your data to other companies. To be blunt, we’re trying to get you to pay for an unlimited account and will never do the creepy stuff that the free VPNs do.
Because of Speedify’s fast encryption and connection bonding technology, Speedify can deliver speeds that are very close to the speeds of all your Internet connections added up, sometimes all the way up to 150Mbps. If you’ve been avoiding VPNs because of their slow speeds, it’s time to check out Speedify.
Speedify can take advantage of almost any Internet connection that your computer is able to connect to, including DSL, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G devices, and tethered smartphones.
If your device or network requires additional configuration (such as running dialer software for mobile broadband networks or logging into captive portals on Wi-Fi and Ethernet networks at hotels or airports) as soon as you perform the required steps Speedify will be start using it..
Some restrictive networks, such as corporate or university networks, might block the traffic that Speedify needs to connect. Speedify currently uses UDP traffic for its tunnel, which can be blocked or throttled by some networks.
Speedify only blocks port 25, which is used for unencrypted SMTP (Send Mail Transfer Protocol), and is often abused by spammers. If you are unable to send email while connected to Speedify, please adjust your email settings to use port 465 or 587.
You can use Speedify anywhere, but it performs fastest when you are located close to a Speedify Server. We have Speedify servers available in many countries. You can see a full list here