Mask Your IP Address for Complete Privacy

Hide Your IP Address to Access Blocked Content and Keep Your Data Private and Safe from Hackers

Speedify’s fast and anonymous VPN service masks your IP address every time so that no one can trace you by your IP address or know what you’re doing online. This also helps you unlock blocked content overseas and eliminate those pesky ads that promote stuff around your location. Hello Internet freedom and complete online privacy!

Why Mask Your IP Address?

First of all – for privacy. When online, your IP address is a tag that follows you everywhere and can be used to track you. The fact that you have your IP address exposed can be used for purposes that range from serving you relevant ads (e.g. promoting an event nearby or a discount promotion at a local store) to hacking into our home network or device and getting your personal data.

Also – it’s recommended you use a trustworthy VPN service when doing online transactions, be it eCommerce or online banking, as hackers are always after such private data. Masking your IP address will shatter their efforts.

Not lastly – you may have noticed that if you access the same website (e.g. hotel booking, plane tickets, etc.) from different locations (countries), you get different prices for the same products or services. So then – why not take advantage of the ability to hide your real IP address and get the best deal available?

Hide Your IP Address: Stay Anonymous and Unlock Restricted Content

Masking your IP address with a fast VPN solution like Speedify helps you browse and use web services completely anonymous, and also have the true Internet freedom you need – be able to access region locked content. Say you’re traveling out of the US and you’d like to watch your favorite Netflix or Hulu shows while abroad. By simply connecting to a Speedify VPN server in the US, you will easily be able to do that – the service provider will see you as “located in the US”, since your real IP will be masked with the VPN server’s US IP address.

Speedify in action

Speedify makes easy work of complex under-the-hood technology with simple set-it-and-forget controls that “just work.” Programs and services run as they normally would, but benefit from increased security as well as the speed and redundancy of multiple Internet connections.

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