Speedify Dedicated VPN Speed Servers

Tailored experience for your specific needs: dedicated VPN servers for speed and reliability

As an add-on to Speedify for Teams, we offer virtual dedicated speed servers, where we set up dedicated servers just for you and your users. We will configure and maintain the private server for your and your users.

Why use a dedicated VPN speed server?

Speedify’s dedicated VPN speed servers get you a number of benefits for your Speedify for Teams account:

  • Potentially much higher speeds, with 1 Gbps available to your team
  • More consistent speeds, as no one else is on your server
  • Consistent IP address for those who need to whitelist their IP to use certain secure services
  • Port forwarding for those who need to run a server that can be reached from the Internet
  • Guaranteed service level agreement: for each hour that your system is down, you get a day of free service

Can I host my own dedicated VPN speed server with Speedify?

You can self host your VPN speed server to work with Speedify for Teams, but there are specific requirements for hosting in terms of both hardware and which versions of Ubuntu we support. This lets you put the server in on your own network, or in special locations where Speedify doesn’t have servers.

Speedify will manage the software, and need to have access to apply software updates.

>> Read more about Dedicated Servers in the Speedify Knowledge Base.

Speedify in action

Speedify makes easy work of complex under-the-hood technology with simple set-it-and-forget controls that “just work.” Programs and services run as they normally would, but benefit from increased security as well as the speed and redundancy of multiple Internet connections.

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