Fix Slow, Laggy Twitch Streams with Speedify!

Speedify Optimizes Your Connections and Minimizes Packet Loss for Smoother Streaming Video

Tired of trying to watch a live stream of League of Legends and only getting choppy, pixilated video?

How about trying to follow your favorite Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players, only to get stuck in an endless buffering loop?

With Speedify, you can minimize packet loss and combine multiple Internet connections to improve latency and reliability when watching or live streaming to Twitch.

Failover Diagram

Don’t let your streaming slow down your gaming

With Speedify, you can utilize all available Internet connections for the best performance no matter how high packet loss rates are, where you are or what device you’re on.

The Real Cause of Slow Twitch Streams

Most of the time, slow unreliable Twitch streams are a result of a bad internet connection. Even when you are on WiFi, your Internet connection may still be too slow to get the full benefit of streaming Twitch videos and live action game-play.

The problem is that your computer or mobile device isn’t taking full advantage of its capabilities. Your device sends all the data through either the wifi or the cell signal. If there is any fluctuation or loss of signal, your device cannot receive the data packets it requested from the Twitch server. Instead, all you see is blocky images or endless buffering.

Speedify Fixes Slow Twitch For Good

Speedify is a next generation VPN that minimizes packet loss and allows you to combine multiple Internet connections and use them simultaneously for faster, more reliable Internet.

Not only will you enjoy the combined speed of all your connections, but if one of them disappears or disconnects Speedify will instantly and seamlessly shift your web traffic to the other working connection(s) without skipping a beat – preventing minor connection problems from majorly affecting your K/D ratio.

Additional Features

Redundant Mode

Have a jittery, lossy, or unreliable Internet connection? In Redundant Mode, Speedify can double the throughput of even a single connection when packets are being dropped, and significantly reduce latency when using multiple connections.

Packet Loss & Error Correction

Speedify uses a variety of techniques like Forward Error Correction to fix lost and corrupted packets before they have a chance to slow down your Internet experience.

  • Bond Wi-Fi and cellular networks at the click-of-a-button
  • Free 1GB of data every month
  • Enjoy faster streaming, uploads/downloads, and web browsing
  • Seamless hand-off between Wi-Fi and mobile data
  • Access to our global network of Speed Servers on 5 continents
  • Military-grade encryption

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