Link Aggregation Made Easy: Software for Best Results

In computer networking context, link aggregation refers to combining (aggregating) multiple network connections at the same time. This brings two main benefits: increases throughput to near the combined value of the connections being combined, and provides redundancy in case some of the links fail. A typical link aggregation implementation is usually associated with expensive hardware devices, such as enterprise-grade switches … Read More

Cellular Bonding Software: Just Do It Wherever You Like

Channel bonding no longer requires heavy, expensive equipment, or even a desktop computer. Speedify is a cellular bonding software that gives the superior performance on any iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. It makes it easier for road warriors to get the most out of their mobile devices for work and play while away from home. By default, mobile devices … Read More

Software Alternative to Peplink and Mushroom Networks for VPN and Network Bonding

If the internet is the lifeblood of your business or project, having a single web connection just isn’t enough. Many organizations assume that their only option is to get a channel bonding router. But, this hardware fix may not be the best solution to your problem. While companies like Peplink and Mushroom Networks are able to get you high-quality hardware, … Read More

What is Connection Bonding?

Speedify Mobile VPN has a unique feature known as Connection Bonding not found in any other conventional VPNs (such as Open VPN and IPsec). But what exactly do we mean by that? Well, say that you’re watching a movie on Youtube. Ordinarily, the application can only use one Internet connection to download the film. This is because of the way … Read More

Better Than A Load Balancer

If you have multiple Internet connections, and you’re looking for ways to combine them to increase speed and reliability, you can choose between load balancing or channel bonding software. A load balancer runs locally on your PC and spreads sockets amongst multiple Internet connections to increase overall performance. The big caveat here though is that applications need multiple sockets to see … Read More

Comparing Channel Bonding Solutions

Unless you’re an IT professional, you may not be familiar with the term channel bonding. In a nutshell, a traditional channel bonding router is a hardware router that can connect to multiple wired Internet connections at once, and leverage their combined bandwidth for a faster and more reliable experience. The trouble is, channel bonding routers are made with networking pros in … Read More