Best VPN for Traveling = Security + Speed + Reliability

Looking for the best VPN for traveling? If you’re going on business or leisure trips, or just commuting, a VPN for travel is certainly something you should be using. First of all – because you don’t want others to spy on what you’re doing online. And second – because you want to have the peace of mind that you will … Read More

Road Warriors ABCs: VPN for the Road App when Traveling

Using a VPN is crucial for securing road warriors. Think about all the sensitive data you’re sending and receiving – it may be your personal accounts or confidential business data. If you’re working remotely frequently, you’re most probably already using a VPN service. When traveling, along with a secure connection, you also want to have good Internet, that would also … Read More

VPN for Road Warriors: 5 Items Checklist to Choose the Best

If you’re working while traveling, then the first requirement for your road warrior alter ego is to be connected to the Internet without experiencing interruptions. Plus – have a sufficient bandwidth to be able to hold emergency video calls with your team or business partners. On top of that, you should definitely keep your private and sensitive business data safe … Read More

Security AND Speed from VPN When Traveling? Yes, you can!

Whether going overseas or just commuting, using a VPN when traveling is always a good idea, for at least two reasons: you’ll be protected from hackers or prying eyes that are going after your data, even through public Wi-Fi networks, and you’ll also be able to access geo-restricted content when abroad. At the same time, one of the most common … Read More

How to Fix Flaky WiFi on Amtrak

Lets call a spade a spade – Amtrak wifi is awful. It’s so bad it’s a practically a meme. Do any of these recent headlines sound familiar to you: The problem is that you need to connect to the internet while on the train. You need to work. You need to send emails. You need to check Facebook just to … Read More