Fast and Secure: Mobile Focused VPN to Combine Internet Connections

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Need the Fastest VPN? Test VPN Speed Directly from the App

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Test DNS Leak: Is Your VPN Service Exposing You on the Internet?

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The Fastest VPN for iPhone Can Combine WiFi and LTE

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VPN App or VPN Plugin? Why You Should Always Go with the VPN App

Last Updated: Jan 4, 2018 @ 1:27 pm A VPN is the perfect solution in order to use the Internet privately and securely, without anyone snooping on your data (including your ISP!). There are 2 main types of VPN services available: VPN apps that run standalone (like Speedify) and VPN plugins (or VPN extensions) that run in web browsers like … Read More

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing a VPN for Online Shopping

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