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Speedify LIVE: Creating a Community through Livestreaming

November 9, 2021 @ 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

What Do Art, Online Communities and Social Media Have in Common

Nik Johnson is a graphic / motion designer and Prezi of the DCX Commonwealth media community that includes music artists, gamers and streamers. You may have seen his work as art, t-shirts or with Wiz Khalifa.

Watch this episode of Speedify Live to find out more about online communities and how they can help you grow, best practices on building up an audience (including live streaming), NFTs and the other exciting projects Nik is involved in.

Here are our 5 takeaways from our talk with Nik Johnson:

  1. To help creators Livestream without the fear of DMCAs, Nik and his group created a Spotify Playlist – the DCX Commonwealth Care Package – which includes music from DCX artists and collaborators, that any streamer can freely use in their livestreams or videos.  
  2. DCX has its own line of merch! And any profits made from DCX merchandise go right back into the brand: marketing, organizing events, supporting albums, etc. These pieces of merchandise are also a good way to promote the brand itself! 
  3. Nik livestreams from Windows due to its better compatibility with gaming, and uses a Sony a7 III camera with Sony G master lenses, hooked up to OBS and a Stream Deck, and a Yeti microphone. 
  4. With all the work Nik does for DCX and beyond, it is often hard to balance life and work. He says the best way to avoid burnout is recognizing it, and making sure you take your time to step away every now and then to do other things.  
  5. Doing livestreams on a regular basis, Nik has faced his fair share of Streamergencies. One such case was when he was trying to stream Resident Evil 8, but his stream cut out multiple times, various technical difficulties occurred, which all put together ended up disrupting any plans he had for the livestream so he had to stop the stream altogether. 

If you want to avoid such livestream disasters, make sure to combine your connections in Speedify, a channel bonding VPN that helps you keep your livestreams stable in any situation!

I think NFTs are the future of artwork. The technology might not necessary be there yet. When AR will be there, you're gonna see how this art can actually live in the actual space.
Nik Johnson
Join us for Live Discussion and Q&A with artist, musician, animator, founder of the DCX Commonwealth media community, Nik Johnson, as we discuss his livestreaming and media career and the importance of building a community.

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November 9, 2021
5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST