Best Skype VPN for Fast and Secure VoIP Calls

Improve Call Quality and Reduce Lag with the Best Skype VPN

Skype has been one of the greatest innovations of the Internet era. It has completely transformed the way we do business and the way we talk to family and friends across the globe. But, using Skype can be frustrating at times. The video or audio will lag and you will miss important parts of the conversation. You need Skype to be more than just an instant message service. But, what do you do when Skype is slow?

Once you understand what is causing your issues, speeding up Skype is a fast and easy. Keep on reading and we’ll guide you to the best Skype VPN available.

Why is Skype Is So Slow?

Skype is pretty hungry for bandwidth. If your Internet connection is slow, you will have a poor Skype experience. You need to find out what is causing your slow Internet connection. Some common causes are:

  • ISP issues
  • Poor Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Using a VPN

Many people don’t realize that using almost all VPN services will slow down your Internet connection. Many of these services will tell you on their website that using a VPN can slow you down anywhere from 5% to 30%. That is a big problem if you are trying to use Skype to communicate.

That big of a slow down will cause video and audio to buffer frequently and can destroy your ability to have any type of continuity in your conversation.

The reason traditional VPN services slow down your connection so much is that they are designed for security, but give no consideration to connection speed. Your data is being encrypted, but it is costing usability of apps like Skype.

What Will It Be, Speed or Security with Skype? Choose the Best Skype VPN and Don’t Compromise

This puts users in a tough spot. Do they choose speed or security when it comes to the Internet? Nobody wants their sensitive communications to be vulnerable to hackers and snoops, but using a VPN can make having any kind of in depth conversation impossible.

The good news is you can speed up Skype without having to choose between speed and security.

Meet Speedify, the Best Secure AND Fast Skype VPN

Speedify is a fast VPN built for mobility that uses the latest encryption technology to provide cutting-edge security while also speeding up your Internet connection.

Speedify actively manages your desktop or mobile device’s Internet connections. It allows mobile devices to use both Wi-Fi and mobile data to connect to the Internet at the same time for their combined speed and reliability. This improves your bandwidth instantly.

Speedify has auto failover so if one connection becomes unreliable or unavailable, Speedify will automatically shift all your data through the remaining connection until the troubled connection can be restored.

So, whatever the case, you will not lose Skype connectivity with Speedify running. Speedify is the best Skype VPN you can get and is the best way to speed up Skype without putting your data in danger. Get started with Speedify NOW for free – no strings attached, no email sign-up necessary!

Download Speedify

Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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