CEO, Alex Gizis Talks Machine Learning

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Connectify CEO Teaches Students about AI

Connectify CEO, Alex Gizis, doesn’t spend all of this time thinking up ways to improve our Channel Bonding technology. On Thursday, November 29th, he visited the Masterman Public School of Philadelphia to deliver a talk to more than 20 members of the AI Club. The 45-minute presentation covered the basics of machine learning, like data classification and decision trees. It also included examples from recent news headlines, like Tesla’s early self-driving car disasters.


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The Students were Engaged!

These anecdotes spurred a lot of student discussion, as club members shared their own stories about artificial intelligence gone horribly wrong. One particularly well-informed girl explained the details surrounding the Air France disaster in 2017. Alex ended the presentation by opening the floor up to questions, at which point he discovered that many of the students were interested in Speedify—and how we used machine learning to improve our own app.


What’s Next for Alex Gizis?

Although the future of machine learning and artificial intelligence may not be clear, one thing is: Alex was a hit with the students of Masterman and is excited by the prospect of more opportunities to educate.

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