CES Wrap-up (Part 2)

Months before CES even begins, posts start trickling out with speculations and early thoughts on the kind of technology that is likely to rule the trade show floor. This year, we saw a lot of the expected: next-generation virtual reality, connected home gadgets, and wearables ruled. But, that doesn’t mean there wasn’t plenty of room for awesome, new mobile phone tech like Speedify to get noticed. In fact, before CES started this year, Light Reading included Speedify Mobile in an article titled, “3 Cool Things Before CES Even Starts.”

That kind of a nod was a great way to start things off for us. In fact, it seems like everywhere we went, there were folks with encouraging words to offer once they heard about how Speedify can radically improve the mobile Internet experience for iOS and Android users. Even at the Rocketfuel party, a few people we met were shouting over the music to tell us how enthusiastic they were about Speedify Mobile. It was a terrific feeling!


The Speedify Team at a #CES2016 Networking Event

One of the other great things about CES is that the show offers folks a glimpse into the kind of technology they’ll actually adopt in the coming year. Sure, there’s still a lot of concept-oriented stuff too (we saw a prototype for a machine that folds laundry). But, more and more, we’re seeing average consumers looking to CES for new tech that’s also readily available. That’s why we were really excited to see the Economic Times take note of Speedify in their round-up called, “Tips and Gadgets to Start 2016 with a Bang.”

Even Tech Crunch found the time to send over their video team to learn more about Speedify Mobile. In fact, you can watch streaming video of their coverage over at the Tech Crunch website right now.

Want more? Here are just a few more of the articles and mentions of Speedify Mobile from #CES2016:

For more highlights from the Speedify Mobile launch at CES 2016, read part one of the series here, and stay tuned for part three coming soon.

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