How To Improve Periscope Streaming Quality

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Smoother streaming and better quality for Periscope

In the last few years, “livestreaming” has exploded in popularity, with more and more people now using their smartphones to broadcast their live video feeds to millions of viewers around the world. In fact, the two leading livestreaming apps, Periscope and Meerkat, have collectively amassed an impressive half a billion posts and over 5 billion impressions since launch. But, smartphone users are discovering that both apps are difficult to use on slow, unreliable Internet connections and can be huge data hogs that quickly lead to overage charges.

With Periscope’s live streaming capability integration with GoPro, the need for fast, reliable mobile connectivity has only become more crucial. The new feature will now let Periscope users broadcast completely hands-free for the first time. But, with an iPhone in your pocket, and hands on your mountain bike, it will be tough to know if you’ve got adequate bandwidth for streaming to your viewers and worse, whether you’re blowing through that expensive monthly LTE data cap.

Not able to keep up decent streaming quality on Periscope? Read below to see an efficient fix for this.

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Speedify for Mobile is the killer app for folks livestreaming with Periscope. Speedify is an awesome, new iOS and Android app that intelligently combines Wi-Fi and mobile data for fast, unbreakable connectivity and can keep an eye on your carrier’s monthly data cap so you don’t have to. For Periscope users, this gives you the freedom to livestream on-the-go knowing that you’ve always got the most optimal speeds available for streaming while minimizing your mobile data usage.

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Speedify is also a fast no-log next generation VPN for mobility. With revolutionary patent pending technology, Speedify will increase the quality of Periscope streaming while also keeping you safe from snopping ISPs and protecting your online traffic from cyber attacks.

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