What is Connection Bonding?

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Speedify Mobile VPN has a unique feature known as Connection Bonding not found in any other conventional VPNs (such as Open VPN and IPsec). But what exactly do we mean by that?

Well, say that you’re watching a movie on Youtube. Ordinarily, the application can only use one Internet connection to download the film. This is because of the way the movie’s data is broken down into little envelopes of data called Packets. Each packet has an IP address that it comes from, and an IP address that it’s going to. A whole stream of packets going back and forth in a conversation is called a Socket.

That movie you’re watching comes to you over a socket. Lots and lots of packets coming from their IP address to yours, each carrying a little piece of the movie. But computers can’t use 2 internet connections because each connection has a different IP address. So there’s no way for your computer to figure out that the different packets showing up all together and make one movie.

That’s where Speedify comes in. Speedify can take those packets and relabel them so they can go out the different connections… and then pull them back together on the other side so that all Youtube sees is a single, faster stream.

But thats not all, Speedify is smart too! If one Internet connection is twice as fast as the other, Speedify will give it 2/3 of the traffic, so you really get the speed of both of them added up.

And, if a connection stops working, Speedify will seamlessly give its packets over to the other working connection to keep things flowing. So losing signal on Wi-Fi for a minute doesn’t lead to the dreaded BUFFERING screen.

And that’s how the Speedify Mobile VPN is able to both get you the extra speed you need to really watch video, and to keep your videos going when you lose your Wi-Fi signal.

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