China & Russia Collectively Ban VPN Software, Apple Complies

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Apple Removes VPN Apps From the Chinese App Store As Russia Signs Law Banning Their Use

On July 28th we received a compulsory notice from Apple citing that due to pressure from the Chinese Government, the Speedify iOS app (in addition to most other popular VPN applications) would be removed from the Chinese App Store.

On the same day Russian parliament signed into law a measure that as of November 1st 2017 will ban VPNs and other software that enables users to gain anonymous access to websites.

To say that we are disappointed in the above news is an understatement.

Access to a free and open Internet is a Basic Right

Laws that criminalize the use of security and privacy enhancing technologies such as VPNs are dangerous and restrict rights to privacy, free expression and access to information.

At Speedify, we believe access to a free and open Internet should be considered a basic human right and we will continue to develop technologies and support causes that will secure these protections for everyone.

We will continue to support our users in the affected regions on our other platforms (Windows, Mac, Android) and provide updates on this developing situation.

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