It Takes Everybody in the Company to Get a Sustainable Growth

Speedify 2022 Yearly Wrap-up in 3 Minutes

As 2022 comes to a close we look back at all that we've accomplished here at Speedify. From my point of view it’s been a fabulous year where every one of my colleagues put their shoulder to the wheel in order to get Speedify to the next level. 

This is what I mean…

Primary Focus: Improving Performance, Live Streaming and Starlink

During 2022, we released 19 versions of the app. The first major release was Speedify 12 - which introduced a real live streaming toolkit performance monitoring suite. The latest version is 12.8

The keywords that guided the app development this year were performance, live streaming and Starlink - a lot of improvements and fixes that were released had something to do with one of the three.

Actually, Starlink has been one of my obsessions this year - I wrote more about it here. There’s more coming to Starlink users from Speedify - I’m very excited about that.

Listening to Customers in a More Effective Way

Our amazing Support Team made huge gains in 2022 by improving internal processes and documentation:

  • We’ve learned to better organize and sort emails to track issues at a macro level
  • Set up a number of automated workflows to optimize the time we spend on each ticket, making sure we get to the more complicated ones sooner; 
  • Got better at delegating duties to play to everyone’s strengths, and managed to bridge the gap between the developers, QA testers and support team. 

Most of the bug fixes rolled out in 2022 were thanks to the work of our awesome Support team, in conjunction with QA testing.

Accelerated Growth: Getting in Front of More People

Our marketing team has done a lot in 2022 in terms of content creation and advertising campaigns. You probably noticed that we have a steady stream of videos being published on our YouTube channel, as well as shorts on YouTube, Instagram and TikTok. We’ve seen this bring in more people to our website and app.

Along with our consistent organic presence in search engines, we have also started running ads for specific target audiences who would benefit from using Speedify. You might have seen that around 🙂

One of our biggest projects was working with UFDTech on their Cannonball for the Cure charity stream. They used Speedify on a cross country tour, combining Starlink with 3 other connections.

Speedify LIVE: a True Marketing and Learning Engine

In 2022 we did no less than 116 Speedify LIVE episodes. That’s more than 2 live streams per week on average. Both the team and I learned a lot from these, from setting up a live stream, putting the streaming phone on Do Not Disturb to having a clearer structure of the stream instead of winging it.

I mentioned the UFDTech stream above - that actually inspired me to get our own Starlink RV and start our 24/7 livestream so we could test and learn more that will help improve Speedify! It has really taught us a lot about flaky Internet connections and how to improve Speedify even more to handle those without a glitch.

Supporting People Is Important, Wherever They Are

In September 2022, protests broke out in Iran and we were among the first to support Iranians get more stable, secure and unrestricted connectivity. At the end of 2022 we have almost half a million Iranian users using Speedify at least once a week to connect to the Internet. The high number of streamergency saves says it all when it comes to the reliability of the Internet over there.

I believe SpaceX’s recent decision to open up some of their Starlink satellites for use in Iran is great and it will really make the difference for the people there. I’m even more excited that we work better than ever with Starlink now.

What’s Next

We actually have a very cool new feature coming up for 2023, which will make it extremely easy for groups of people to get better connectivity in any location. I cannot disclose any more now, but IT IS BIG.

Along with that, we are continuing our efforts of making the app better more quickly and addressing our customers’ issues more effectively. I will personally continue to be involved in that, as I know from my own experience that customers are the lifeline of any business.

Wishing you a very productive and happy 2023 on behalf of the Speedify Team!

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