[VIDEO] Unboxing Starlink for RVs – What You Get

We Ordered a Starlink for RVs - Here’s What’s in the Box

Ever since Starlink made the first announcement of their plan, almost everybody here at Speedify has been more or less obsessed with getting one. So in October 2022 we finally ordered a Starlink for RV dish, as the residential one is not yet available in the Philadelphia area.

Watch the Starlink unboxing video below to see what we got.

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Starlink for RV Box Contents

In the nicely cardboard padded box, Starlink delivers:

  • A solid metal base for the dish
  • The rectangular dish itself (Dishy)
  • The Starlink Wi-Fi router
  • The power cable for the Wi-Fi router
  • A 75 ft (~23 m) cable between Dishy and the router
  • Setup instructions
  • Regulatory notices

We also got a Starlink Ethernet adapter for the router, which doesn’t come in the box - we ordered that separately.

The next step in our Starlink journey is to put it to the test - read more on Starlink on the Speedify blog.


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