How Speedify Just Makes Your Internet Better

Here at the Speedify Blog, we sometimes like to highlight a particularly cool or unique Speedify use-case that we hear about via email or social media. Awhile back, we received an excited tweet from a user that was able to get broadband speeds at a rural job-site thanks to Speedify. More recently, we were contacted by a customer who uses Speedify’s killer redundancy and packet-recovery features to enjoy smoother, faster, and more reliable online gaming. Today, we’re featuring a message from a Speedify user named Gerry who seems to reap the rewards from all of Speedify’s core features. Check it out below.


From faster video streaming to completely unbreakable connectivity at home and in the office, Gerry clearly gets what Speedify is all about: we take your Internet, and just make it better. What really made us smile about this email, is that Gerry is clearly seeing all the benefits that we believed Speedify would offer when we dreamed up the service for Mac & PC in the first place. Even better, if you read Gerry’s message carefully you’ll find an awesome easter egg that some blog readers might not be privy to just yet, but more on that next week

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