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It’s only been a week since we officially announced that Speedify for Mobile would be coming later this year, and already over twenty thousand of you have signed up for our exclusive Beta Waitlist. We’re thrilled that you guys share our vision to make your phone just work better by combining Wi-Fi and 4G for fast, unbreakable connectivity.

You’ve even been sharing the news like crazy on social media, and not only does that help us get the word out about Speedify for Android & iOS, but it gets you VIP early access to the upcoming Speedify Beta!

The widespread interest in Speedify for Mobile has our development team buzzing, too. From the looks of it, they’re making rapid progress, with the nuts-and-bolts for Speedify working on just about every device we’ve got.

Speedify on all of your devices

Speedify on all of your devices

In addition to Speedify on your Mac & PC (which you can get started with today), the picture above shows Speedify running on a tablet, iPhone, and Android phone, too. If you’re as stoked as we are about Speedify for Mobile, visit to join the beta, and don’t forget to share with friends to jump the queue and get access even sooner.


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Speedify for Android & iOS

Use Wi-Fi and 4G together for fast, unbreakable connectivity on your mobile device