Everything You Need to Know About Internet Speed in Louisiana

Get Faster Internet Speed in Louisiana with Software

It’s difficult to imagine how to function without high speed Internet. But, many people in Louisiana are not getting the type of speeds that they need from their ISPs.

In fact, Louisiana ranks among the slowest Internet speeds in the world, according to a report from Broadview Networks. So, it’s normal you would try to get faster Internet in Louisiana to stream videos online and do other types of bandwidth-hungry online activities.

To fix this, the best solution for you will depend on the cause of your slow Internet issues.

Why is Internet Speed in Louisiana so Slow?

If you call AT&T or Cox Communications to complain about your slow Internet, the first thing you will be told is that you are the problem. They will ask you to check your router to make sure it is updated and working fine.

A router with old firmware or a router that has been used for several years, may be causing you to have a slow connection. However, for most people their router is not the problem.

You will want to run a speed test to see how fast your Internet connection really is. You may want to run this test at several different times during the day to see if the results change.

Dealing with AT&T DSL or Cox Communications Cable in Louisiana

Once you have ruled out your router as the source of the problem and you know how fast your connection really is, you can call your ISP back and ask for an explanation.

Again, the trouble with AT&T DSL or Cox Communications Cable is that they are unlikely to tell you the real problem. It is possible that your ISP is throttling your bandwidth because you are using too much. But, almost no ISP will ever admit this to a customer.

If you have AT&T DSL and you have slow Internet, the problem could be that you are too far from the trunk line. The farther away you are from the main DSL trunk line the slower connection you will have.

If you have Cox Communications cable for your high-speed Internet you may notice your connections is especially slow during peak use hours such as the early evening. This is because if a lot of people in your neighborhood have Cox cable, all of you using the Internet at the same time creates a kind of digital traffic jam.

Get Faster Internet Speed in Louisiana by Bonding Internet Connections

Because ISPs are not going to solve their structural issues, the best way for you to get the kind of truly high-speed Internet connection that you want is to bond two different Internet connections together.

The Speedify software app is available for Windows and Mac OS computers, as well as for iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones. Once you connect your computer to two different connections from different networks, Speedify will combine them together into a single fast pipe.

Your computer by default will only use one Internet connection at a time, even if it is connected to two different ones. But, if you connect to a DSL and a cable connection, two different DSL connections, or two different cable connections, Speedify will automatically bond them together and route your traffic so that you have the fastest, most reliable Internet connection possible.

Speedify also is a next-generation mobile VPN, so that all of your data is secure. It will be encrypted so that not even your ISP will know what sites you are surfing. But, unlike other VPNs, Speedify uses a new proprietary protocol that won’t slow down your Internet.

If you are tired of under-performing Internet speed in Louisiana, you need to try Speedify today. It will change the way you use the Internet forever, in a good way. Get started with Speedify for FREE – no strings attached, no email sign-up necessary.

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