Everything You Need to Know About Internet Speed in New Hampshire

How to Get Faster Internet in New Hampshire

High speed Internet is now as essential as electricity to New Hampshire residents. But, sometimes even though you paid for high speed Internet, the Internet speed in New Hampshire is sub-optimal.

There are a few different causes of slow Internet. But, often the best to guarantee a lightning fast connection is to combine two different Internet connections together into a single pipe – this way you get the increased bandwidth and the peace of mind that you’ll be online if one of them should drop.

Troubleshooting Slow FairPoint Communications and MetroCast Internet Issues

If you have DSL through FairPoint Communications or cable Internet through MetroCast, your first step in troubleshooting slow Internet is to test your router. Sometimes when routers can slow down your connection when:

  • They need a firmware update
  • They need to be power cycled
  • They are old
  • They are defective

If after testing your router your Internet is still slow, the most likely cause is your ISP. Your ISP could be intentionally slowing your connection through a practice known as throttling.

If you have a DSL connection you could be too far away from the trunk line to fully benefit from the high speeds. If you have a cable Internet connection you could be on the same line as too many other users. This can cause slowing during peak usage times.

If you ISP is the cause of your slow Internet speed in New Hampshire, they are unlikely to be helpful in fixing the problem, as we all know.

Using Speedify to Fix Slow Internet Speeds in New Hampshire

There is another option. You can download the Speedify app for your Windows or Apple OS PC. If you also secure a second Internet connection, Speedify can combine the two connections into a single fast connection.

Using Speedify to get faster Internet is easy.

  1. Download Speedify
  2. Connect your first internet connection to your computer
  3. Connect your second internet connection to your computer
  4. Open the Speedify app. Once you have connected the two different internet connections to your computer, Speedify will take care of the rest.

While most computers will easily allow you to have two different Internet connections, they are only setup to use one at a time. Speedify bonds the two connections together and allows your computer to get the benefit of both connections simultaneously.

Speedify – the VPN for speed, security and mobility

Speedify does much more than just improve your Internet speeds. It also constantly monitors the quality of your connections. If one of your connections has an issue, Speedify automatically reroutes all your traffic to make sure you stay connected. Once the faulty connection comes back online. Speedify automatically bonds the two connections again.

Speedify is also a next generation VPN for mobility. Unlike traditional VPNs, Speedify doesn’t slow down your internet. It uses a new protocol that keeps your data secure from hackers and snoops while also making sure your internet remains fast and reliable.

When you are using Speedify you won’t experience lags when using apps like Skype or Zoom. You won’t have buffering issues when streaming music or videos.

Speedify lets you unleash the full power of the Internet in New Hampshire. Get started with Speedify today – no strings attached!

Download Speedify

Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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