Unblock Skype with the Best VPN in UAE that Works

Best VPN for Skype in 2019 – Unblock Skype in UAE and Other Restricted Territories

Using Skype can be frustrating at times. If you are able access and use the service, the video or audio will lag and you will miss important parts of the conversation. But there are situations where you need to unblock Skype first to access it, like the UAE. You can do this easily with a VPN, but you need to make sure it actually works to unblock Skype.

Once you understand what is causing your issues, getting a fast and fully functional Skype is quick and easy. See below what is the best VPN for Skype in UAE.

Why is Skype Blocked in UAE and Other Countries?

If you are not able to connect to Skype, first of all check if the service is down. If all is good, you might still find yourself unable to access the Skype service:

  • when connected to certain public WiFi networks,
  • when traveling to certain countries, etc.

The reason Skype is blocked depends on who restricts it. Usually, on school or work networks, Skype may be restricted to conserve bandwidth. If we’re talking about countries and governments like the UAE blocking VoIP apps, the reasons range from conserving bandwidth to limiting uncontrolled VoIP communication.

In order to unblock Skype in the UAE, you’ll need to use a VPN service that encrypts traffic so that filters in place will not detect the VoIP traffic.

VPNs Slow Down Internet Speed. How to Unblock Skype in the UAE and Get a Fast Connection at Once

Many people don’t realize that using almost all VPN services will slow down your Internet connection. Many of these services will tell you on their website that using a VPN can slow you down anywhere from 5% to 30%. That is a big problem if you are trying to use Skype to communicate.

The reason traditional VPN services slow down your connection so much is that they are designed for security, but give no consideration to connection speed. Your data is being encrypted, but it is costing usability of apps like Skype.

The good news is the best VPN for Skype in UAE will unblock your app and also deliver fast Internet. The name of this fast VPN: Speedify.

Speedify – Best VPN for Skype in UAE – Unblocks Skype Anywhere

Speedify is a fast bonding VPN that uses the latest encryption technologies. It also uses channel bonding to combine multiple Internet connections at once. This gets you faster, more reliable Internet.

Speedify actively manages your desktop or mobile device’s Internet connections. You will be getting all your active connections’ combined speed and reliability. This improves your Skype experience instantly.

If one of your connections becomes unreliable or unavailable, Speedify will automatically shift all your Skype trafficthrough the remaining connection until the troubled connection can be restored.

Speedify is the best VPN for Skype in UAE and anywhere else for that matter. Use it when you need to unblock Skype or just speed it up. Get started with Speedify today!

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Speedify is the only app that combines your wifi, cellular, wired, and even your friend’s phone signals – and turns them into one ultra-fast and super secure link that keeps you all connected for the best possible live streaming, video calling, or just posting to your favorite app.


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