Tired of Turning Off Wi-Fi? Here’s the Solution…

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Your phone is broken. In fact, most iOS and Android devices are when it comes to handling Internet connections properly.

We’ve all been there: you’re on a slow and unreliable Wi-Fi network but your phone doesn’t “know” it. Podcasts and music stop streaming and you haven’t even got enough bandwidth for general web browsing. The problem is, smartphones treat all Wi-Fi signals equally. The reality is that the quality of even a single wireless network can vary wildly depending on a litany of factors, including where you’re standing in relationship to the router.

For now, your only option when faced with spotty Wi-Fi connectivity is to disconnect from the network by manually turning off Wi-Fi on your phone or tablet. But, then you’ve also got to remember to turn your Wi-Fi radio back on, or risk blowing through your monthly data cap by accidentally streaming a movie on 4G.

Speedify Mobile is a brand new service for iOS and Android devices that gives you faster, more reliable mobile connectivity. Anytime you encounter a slow, one bar Wi-Fi connection, Speedify instantly kicks in, seamlessly moving your Internet traffic to LTE until the free wireless network becomes available again. And, if you’re on a sluggish coffee shop Wi-Fi, Speedify Mobile can help there, too: giving you the speed boost you need for streaming video and more by combining mobile data with the available Wi-Fi connection.

With Speedify Mobile, your smartphone just works better. The best part is, you can get started absolutely free. Just download Speedify on your iOS or Android device today!

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Speedify for Android & iOS

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