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Livestream Christmas morning without interruption with Speedify!

Once upon a time there was a family living in Anywhere, on Planet Earth. It was mid November and with Black Friday just around the corner, the department stores were filled to the brim with gifts and decorations for Christmas and upcoming holidays.

The family prepared thoroughly to welcome Santa and celebrate the joy of Christmas. They went and bought gifts for loved ones, helped those in need, and were finally looking forward to getting all their relatives including Grandma and Grandpa together on December 25th to see what Mr. Claus had left under the Christmas tree.

And so, the stage was set for a wonderful Christmas morning, when unfortunately a powerful blizzard rolled in on Christmas Eve blanketing the town with snow and making travel impossible! The proud and clever mother knew what to do though – she would stream a live video on Facebook while the children excitedly opened their presents and catch those moments for the entire family to enjoy!

She was a smart woman and knew that the Grinch of the Internet had already hatched his own scheme to spoil those precious moments – the family’s home Internet connection would not have sufficient bandwidth to transmit a live video on Facebook consistently.

But Santa himself came to the rescue with a recommendation, the wonderful service of Speedify! Speedify came through right when it was needed most, bonding the family’s home Wi-Fi connection along with the Cellular data connection on her smartphone delivering a smooth and reliable video stream so that Grandma, Grandpa, and relatives from all over the world could watch the children’s joy in real-time! The best part about Speedify was that she got the yearly subscription for the price of a stocking-stuffer.

As with any story with a happy ending, the lesson is simple: get Speedify and enjoy uninterrupted, non-buffering, faster, and more reliable Internet for the holidays!


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