How to Fix Slow Internet Speed in Lebanon and Be Faster

Internet Speed in Lebanon Is Slow

According to Speedtest, Lebanon ranks 169th out of 177 countries for internet broadband speeds. The Internet speed in Lebanon is 6.67 Mbps down and 5.61 Mbps up. And those numbers are on the high end; people living or traveling to Lebanon continue to experience extremely slow connections of 1 Mbps.

If you live in Lebanon or are planning to travel there, you might get annoyed by these speeds. 6.67 and 5.61 Mbps is somewhat manageable – not for any type of streaming or online gaming. However in this day and age 1 Mbps is simply not enough. And you can forget about running multiple internet activities such as HD streaming and video calls. 

The Problem with Internet Speed in Lebanon

Lebanon suffers from a weak telecommunications infrastructure and a digital divide between urban and rural areas. There were promises to bring a fiber-optic cable to Lebanon, however, the internet still remains slow.

The Lebanese government maintains a monopoly over the internet backbone, as well as over the fixed and mobile telephone industry in general, and therefore it has tight control over ISPs. Read Freedomhouse’s latest report on Lebanon to learn more about ongoing issues and key developments in Information and Communications Technology in this country.

How to Improve Internet Speed in Lebanon

A lot of work needs to be done to improve the infrastructure before users can enjoy somewhat reasonable internet speed in Lebanon. Hopefully, Imad Kreidieh, the chairman of OGERO (Lebanon’s ISP), can deliver on the promise to bring a fiber-optic cable to Lebanon by the year 2020. That’s on the roadmap

What can you do in the meantime to get faster speeds when connecting to the internet from Lebanon?

The best solution for slow internet in Lebanon is Speedify. Speedify is a bonding VPN app that performs two important functions:

Speedify Is the Best Solution to Get Better Internet in Lebanon

Speedify allows you to bond multiple different internet connections into one “super” connection. This increases the speed and reliability of your connection.

You’ll be able to watch HD videos on websites such as YouTube and conduct video calls and meetings. All without worrying that the connection will break and access websites that are otherwise blocked.

Take advantage of our free 2 GB tier and see how well Speedify works for you. Download Speedify  and solve the problem of slow internet speed in Lebanon.

Download Speedify

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