How to Fix Slow Internet Speed in The Gambia

Get Fast Gambia Internet Speed

According to Speedtest, The Gambia ranks 146th out of 177 countries for internet broadband speeds. The average Internet speed in The Gambia is 9.81 Mbps down and 5.76 up.

However, in certain parts of the country, chances are you won’t be getting anywhere near that. But why is the internet speed in The Gambia so slow and inconsistent? And what can you do to improve it so you can enjoy even streaming video and VoIP conversations on WhatsApp, FaceTime or Skype? Let’s find out.

The Problem with Internet Speed in The Gambia

In general, Gambia’s rural areas suffer from poor or virtually nonexistent infrastructure. In addition, network coverage of rural areas has not been an investment priority for most internet service providers. This made rural provinces in The Gambia some of the most disconnected regions in the world, accordin to the Freedomhouse 2018 report.

Most Gambians are accessing the internet through their mobile phones. Unfortunately 4G / LTE coverage is not widely available, so users need to rely on older and slower 2G and 3G networks most of the time.

How to Improve Internet Speed in The Gambia

A lot of work needs to be done to improve the infrastructure in rural areas of The Gambia. Only then users will be able to enjoy a more stable and fast internet in the country. Sadly, it seems that improvements in rural areas aren’t on the road map for ISPs or the government. 

So, what can you do in the meantime to improve Gambia’s internet speed?

The best solution for slow internet speed in The Gambia is Speedify. Speedify is a bonding VPN app that gets you fast, stable and secure Internet. 

Why Speedify Is Your Best Choice for Better Internet in The Gambia

With its channel bonding technology, Speedify allows you to take advantage of all internet connections you have available. You can combine as many connections as you have access to simultaneously. This improves the speed and reliability of your Gambia internet speed.

As a VPN, Speedify makes you anonymous on the internet, encrypting your internet traffic and gives you complete online privacy. It also allows you to bypass government restrictions and access blocked websites

With boosted speeds thanks to Speedify, you’ll be able to:

  • watch HD videos on websites such as YouTube
  • conduct video calls and meetings without worrying that the connection will break
  • access websites that are otherwise blocked.

See how well Speedify works for you – download Speedify here for free and solve the problem of slow internet speed in The Gambia.

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