Macworld Review: Faster, more reliable internet for your iOS devices

We’re very excited about this review of Speedify Mobile that Macworld recently posted. It’s true, Speedify isn’t the traditional VPN that we’ve all become accustomed to. It’s our awesome channel bonding technology that lets you combine Wi-Fi and LTE for faster, more reliable mobile Internet that sets us apart from the crowd.

The reviewer noticed a big difference in a multitude of situations while using Speedify on his iPhone. Streaming videos were saved from interruptions and buffering with Speedify’s seamless failover between mobile data and Wi-Fi. He also saw improved connectivity in an area of his house where there is typically a deadzone. He also pointed out how easy it is for people to download and use Speedify on their Android or iOS device. All of this is music to our ears, and exactly how Speedify can improve your mobile phone or tablet experience.


To read the full review of Speedify Mobile in Macworld, CLICK HERE

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Speedify for iOS & Android

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