Black Friday Is Here: Get a 2 Year Family Plan at 75% Off

Get a Speedify 2 Year Family Plan for $180 - Only $1.50 per User per Month!

We're kicking off the 2023 with a great deal for you: we're putting back $540 in your pocket, as savings, when you get a Speedify 2 Year Family Plan! Initially a $720 value, we're discounting that to as low as $180 for the Black Friday week!

Why Get a Speedify Family Plan

Speedify will get you faster, more reliable and secure Internet connectivity when you use it on your devices. It is the only app that combines all of your Internet connections to keep you online when it matters most.

But why shouldn't your loved ones get the same good Internet as you? With a Family plan, you can get up to 4 additional users outside yourself, so it's a great way to keep everybody in your family happy when it comes to good Internet anywhere, anytime.

Use the Power of Your Family: Have You Tried Out Pair & Share Yet?

The good thing about having a "crew" together with you, all equipped with Speedify, is you are no longer vulnerable to poor internet connectivity, including cellular ones. With our Pair & Share functionality you can easily share and combine cellular connections back and forth between Speedify users on the same network, all being done wirelessly! This will help create that faster, more reliable connection for everyone.

We strongly recommend you enable Pair & Share - it works like magic for sharing from the field, calling from the commute or streaming from the live event.

Get the Deal Before It's Gone on Nov 27, 2023!

This great deal won't be here forever! As we know, the best deals are happening during Black Friday, so you can rest assured you won't get anything better if you wait.

Get the Speedify 2 Year Family Plan at $180 (75% off!) before it's too late - deal ends Nov 27, 2023!

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