3 Ways to Get Social with Speedify

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If you’re anything like us, social media is simply a part of your day-to-day life. How else would you get your daily dose of cats playing piano and riveting recaps of last night’s TV? Here at Speedify we also use social media to interact with our users, announce product news and updates, and much more. Here are three easy ways to stay up-to-date with all things Speedify:

  1. Like us on Facebook – When you give us the “thumbs up” on Facebook, you’re getting a direct line into the Speedify world. You can share tips with other users and interact with the Speedify social team right on our Facebook wall. Joining the Speedify Facebook community also ensures that you’re the first to know when we offer new betas and other goodies to current users.
  2. Follow us on Twitter – Our Twitter feed is the best place to be when you need up-to-the-minute information about everything Speedify. Keep an eye out for tweets from @getspeedify to find out where the next Speed Server in our global cloud network will go live, and hit us up to tell us how you’re using the Speedify service.
  3. Add us on Google+ – There are some really unique benefits to adding Speedify to your Google+ circles. Not only do you get access to news, offers, and other cool stuff from Speedify, but from time to time, we also host Google Hangouts with our users. Video chat directly with our developers to learn the pro tips that’ll make you a Speedify power user.

Every social space has its strengths, and we like to think that we use Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to enhance the Speedify experience for users that join us on those communities. But, the best way to really be part of the conversation is to add Speedify to all of your social spaces. What are you waiting for?

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