New Server Available in Perth, Australia

Australian Summer Good News: New Speedify Server in Perth

Fact: there's a new Speedify speed server in Perth, Australia. That adds significant coverage, as we now have all of the Land Down Under covered, East and West.

Happy Aussie users of Speedify have started using the new Perth server since hour 1 after we spun that up. That just confirms the incredible demand and success we're having over there. Here's a recent review from a user in Australia:

Why Use the Speedify New Server in Perth, Australia

There are multiple reasons why you would use the new speed server in Perth. Here are some of them:

  • It's faster than other servers - Speedify will automatically connect to it, if so.
  • It's geographically closer to you than the Sydney server.
  • You're live streaming and the ingest servers are in Western Australia.
  • You're playing games online and the gaming servers are close to Perth.
  • You want to access restricted content that is only available to that area.

How to Connect to the Perth Speedify Server

In the Speedify main screen, tap on the ☰ icon on the main Speedify Dashboard. This will bring up the general Settings menu, where you will find servers listed under Server Selection. Choose Australia - Perth and you should be good to go.
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