NEW: SpeedifyLabs on YouTube and Twitch Broadcasts the Starlink 24/7 Live Stream

Live Streaming 24/7 with Starlink Internet

Our non-stop Starlink powered live stream has a new home: our new YouTube and Twitch channels SpeedifyLabs. We decided to give it its own home, as we've seen many of you tuning in and out to check it out and we want to be able to run two live streams in parallel and not have to take the Starlink live stream down when we go live on Speedify LIVE.

Our Obsession with Starlink and Live Streaming

We are very excited to be able to provide this 24/7 live stream using our own Starlink for RV Internet connection. We became obsessed with Starlink since it launch, but we finally took action in the fall of 2022, when we got our own dish. Since then, we've been testing out Starlink and tweaking our app to work better with it and provide faster, more reliable Internet to Starlink users.

Here are some "chapters" of our story with Starlink:

Our SpeedifyLabs Channels Are All About Testing

But there's more: our brand new YouTube and Twitch channels are not only about Starlink. We will post videos and host live streams of us testing Speedify with other Internet connection types, using different settings and emulating poor connectivity.

Make sure you follow SpeedifyLabs on Twitch and subscribe to @SpeedifyLabs on YouTube as well (and tap that notification bell!) in order to be the first to watch what our engineers are testing.

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