Video Alert: Speedify New Video Studio is Ready. It’s Video Time!

New Explanatory Videos Coming Soon from Speedify

If “a picture is worth a thousand words,” just imagine what a video is worth. We all love watching videos, whether they’re movies, TV series, live-streamed games on Twitch, or TED Talks. When it comes to tutorials, nothing beats videos: compared to written text, they’re easier to follow and understand.

This is why we decided to invest more time into creating videos to explain how you can get better Internet with Speedify. Be sure to follow Speedify on YouTube – that’s where we will post all videos. We will also be posting announcements on Twitter and Facebook.

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Speedify’s New Video Studio – Behind the Scenes

It’s not huge, but our studio is the perfect size for our current needs. The checkered wall panels are dual-purpose, improving acoustics and serving as a colorful backdrop for filming. A camera mount ensures that our videos aren’t shaky, and professional lighting keeps our actors from getting washed out on the silver screen.

Future Videos from Speedify

We will begin to create explanatory videos for the most important tutorials we have available on the Speedify blog and support portal. Here’s one that we recently rolled out:

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How to Get the Latest Speedify Videos Once They’re Released

It’s simple:

Use these channels to comment and send us suggestions about future videos you’d like to see from us!

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