Speedify 8.1.2 Bonding VPN Comes with iOS 13 Support

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Get the Fastest VPN for iOS 13

Are you an iOS 13 beta user? Good news! Starting with version 8.1.2, you can use Speedify on iOS 13 devices as well. Make sure you update Speedify to the latest version.

To find out what version of Speedify you’re using, just open the app and tap on the “?” on the top right of the interface. Then, check out the version at the bottom of the page that opens.


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Use Speedify Bonding VPN on iOS 13

The Apple iOS 13 beta has been available for developers and public since end of June 2019. And sometime in September 2019 they will publish the final release of iOS 13.

As with every major iteration of their operating system, Apple will have iOS 13 run faster and smoother for users. So, you need the fastest VPN on your machine. Speedify is your best choice for the job, per Tom’s Guide!


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