Slow Broadband in Rural Indiana

Most Indiana residents (also known as Hoosiers) have access to some kind of Internet, but the question is how fast are the Internet speeds? In 2015, the FCC said that the benchmark for high speed Internet was 25 Mbps  (it used to be 4 Mbps). Based on this new definition, that means 44% of rural Hoosiers don’t actually have access to high speed Internet.

Not having access to high speed Internet can cause a lot of issues within a community; businesses suffer and young people move away from home to bigger cities. In Orange County, Indiana they are fortunate to have a good Internet fiber backbone, but it is still difficult to run Internet lines when households are so spread out, which can make it costly for everyone. There are also companies that come to the rescue when wired Internet is too slow, which uses satellite-like dishes to send radio signals to people’s homes. With this in mind, many rural residents have two connections, where one or both might be too slow.

Are you a Indiana resident who has Bright House Networks, XFINITY, TWC, Frontier, AT&T U-verse and/or another network connection and suffer from slow and unreliable Internet connection? We have the solution! By running Speedify, you can boost your Internet speeds by bonding the two or more networks. Get Speedify today!

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