Is Melon the Best Livestreaming App? Find Out on Speedify Live

Browser-Based Livestreaming Tool - Everyone's Invited

Melon is a livestreaming app you can use from within your browser, on any operating system. Its role is to be the go-to solution for going live in seconds. And best of all - you can get started for free!

Mike Shields, Community Manager for Melon, joined us in a Speedify Live stream to talk about industry trends, the future of livestreaming and how you can make Melon the best livestreaming tool to use in any situation. As a community manager , Mike's role is to be an interface between the users and the team that works on the app, so we've got a guest that has seen and heard a lot.

Make sure you watch the whole live stream below.

The Difference Between Melon and Streamlabs OBS - Which Is Better?

Melon is made by the people at Streamlabs as well. So when should you use Streamlabs OBS and when should you use Melon?

According to Mike, a use case when you'd want to use Streamlabs OBS over Melon is when you want to stream video games from your console or high-end PC. Because that comes with a more advanced experience for the broadcaster and the viewers also, with all sorts of scenes and all.

Melon, on the other hand, is very entry-level, everybody can use it easily.

How to Improve Your Livestreams and Be Successful

First and most important - you should livestream. You should constantly create content and get comfortable behind the camera. And one of the most important things to remember when you want to grow and retain your audience is make them feel like they're part of the show.

Then - the lighting is important - after all, people are watching a live video of you and you want it to look professional.

On the technical side, your streaming device should not be overwhelmed by all sorts of processes running in the background while you're livestreaming.

Last, but not least, make sure you're on a stable connection when livestreaming. This is actually where Speedify plays a decisive role, providing fast and stable Internet connectivity or your livestreams.

Speedify can fix problems not only by allowing you to use multiple Internet connections at once, but also when you have a single Internet connection. These include DNS server issues and packet loss, usually at the edge of the network range. Packet loss is a wide spread problem on Wi-Fi and other wireless connections.

Roadmap of Melon - What's Coming Next?

Melon's development roadmap is highly influenced by the users and the community. Here are some things that should be rolling out and / or improved in the Melon app:

  • background music;
  • new layouts;
  • chat bot;
  • web browser based streaming services.

According to Mike, this is one of the differentiators for Melon vs. other livestreaming services.

More about Melon and Mike

Watch the video (Twitch | YouTube | Facebook) to find our more about:

  • how Logitech falls into place with Streamlabs and Melon;
  • Mike's stories about live streams / tests that had unexpected twists;
  • where livestreaming is headed;
  • best practices to repurpose video content to grow your community;
  • if Speedify plans to make any hardware devices running the software.

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