Three Top Trends at MWC 18: How to Be Prepared for the Future

Be Prepared for the Future of Communications

Another Mobile World Congress is over and with it there are some trends emerging for discussion during the next year. Apart the new generation of mobile phones from the top manufacturers, which were the main attractions for the press and most visitors, there were a lot noteworthy trends that generate opportunities for software companies offering networking solutions, such as Connectify.

Read below to see 3 top trends at MWC 18 and how to get ready for them.

5G Connectivity = Need for Reliable High-Bandwidth Internet Usage

5G connectivity is being rolled out on a massive scale during the next 3-4 years. With that, given the service will offer (in theory) higher capacity and lower latency, there will be more and more people using bandwidth-intensive apps such as live streaming, HD video calls, etc. Thus, for areas that will not have 5G coverage (or have poor speeds), people will be looking for alternatives to get higher bandwidth and lower latency.

Looking from the network carriers and communications service providers’ (CSP) point of view, the hardware upgrades needed for 5G connectivity will take some time to complete, so it is most probable that they will rely on local WiFi networks to offload their high bandwidth traffic.

Speedify, our channel bonding VPN app, is the only software-only solution that can combine multiple Internet connections at the same time, to get a super fast and reliable pipe. This helps all parties involved, as consumers can use it to get a better Internet connection regardless of the location. Mobile network operators and MVNOs can deploy our software-based link aggregation technology as a cost-effective way to offload mobile data to WiFi.

IoT Explosion = Need for Internet Gateway Security

The number of connected devices worldwide is expected to grow exponentially in the following years, from around 20 billion on 2017 to more than 75 billion in 2025. This brings along the security aspect of it, with most IoT devices not including any advanced security solution. If you’ve walked the floors at MWC18, you’ve seen that most security companies are starting to offer standalone boxes or embed their solutions within networking equipment (routers).

Some security companies will choose to implement deep packet inspection to analyze the traffic of devices on the network. However, for those of us that want to remain anonymous on the Internet, no-log VPN solutions that can protect all our devices will be the preferred service in the coming years.

By offering VPN grade security along with its unique link aggregation capabilities, Speedify is the perfect candidate to deploy on a home or small office router. Speedify is available on devices that run Windows, macOS, Android and iOS.

Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence Features in Future Mobile Phones = Need for Always-On Connectivity

Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri AIs have been on the market for a couple of years now and they keep on evolving. The new generation of mobile phone devices from Samsung, the S9 and S9+, tap into augmented reality with AR Emoji. And this is only the beginning. What do these have in common? The need for an uninterrupted Internet connection.

If there’s no Internet, there will be limited AI functionality for your phone and no AR features. This can happen if you’re connected to a bad WiFi hotspot or even lose cellular coverage. With its unique functionality of being able to aggregate multiple Internet links, Speedify has Internet failover protection so that you’ll be able to stay connected and secure when your Internet connection fluctuates or drops.

Be Ready for Tomorrow’s Connectivity and Security Challenges: Get Speedify

Whether you’re looking for increased bandwidth, lower latency, security for all devices, seamless connectivity or Internet failover, Speedify can successfully tackle all these challenges today. Naturally, we’re continuing to innovate and perfect the solution, so you can be sure that Speedify will always be the best channel bonding VPN security service for you.

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