User Spotlight: Kevin McClusky (aka Qalamari)

“…I’d much rather spend my time playing than waiting for a progress bar to fill up.”

Recently gamers began to use and recognize Speedify VPN as a great solution to stream videos online without glitches and be sure they will always be connected. We asked well-known gaming blogger Kevin McClusky to take it out for a spin; here’s what he had to say about our solution:

After the recent votes in Washington D.C. that will allow internet service providers to collect and sell subscriber data, everyone should have a VPN set up that allows them to browse anonymously. I like Speedify because not only does it use the latest encryption techniques, but I can also use it to combine my connections. This is especially helpful since I enjoy playing online games, and the extra speed means I can download demos and patches faster. I’d much rather spend my time playing than waiting for a progress bar to fill up. You can also use it to help smooth out streams on services like Twitch.

Speedify also improves latency, which can help reduce your reaction time. I had the best Widowmaker round of my life after installing the client and tethering my phone’s data to my computer. It’s easy to set up and combine your various data plans, and the interface lets you choose which connections should take priority. You can also set limits so you don’t go over a predetermined amount of data. The app lets you see how much data you’ve used and how much you have remaining, so it helps me keep on top of my monthly plan and make sure I don’t have any overages.Kevin McClusky

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