FaceTime Keeps Dropping Calls? Easy Fix Now Available!

Cristian Miculi Fix Internet Disconnects, How To

If you have an iPhone or an iPad you’ve definitely had some “FaceTime” with your family or friends. It is a very good service used for video chat. But sometimes FaceTime loses connection, you’ll see the app dropping the Wi-Fi connection or connecting and failing at that. It’s not only you that are seeing these kind of issues with FaceTime. … Read More

Solved: Twitch Streaming Disconnecting When Broadcasting or Watching

Cristian Miculi Enjoy Better Streaming, How To

Twitch.tv is the market leader of live streaming video platform focused on video gaming, eSports competitions and creative content. Hundreds of millions of people watch every day the most exciting gaming broadcasts and given its nature, Twitch is hungry for bandwidth and reliability from the users’ Internet connection, especially if you’re streaming (broadcasting) on Twitch with OBS or any other … Read More

Troubleshoot Hotspot Shield Disconnects & VPN Not Connecting

Cristian Miculi Fix Internet Disconnects, How To

Hotspot Shield have established themselves as a major player in the traditional VPN software field. It does what it’s supposed to do – protect you against cyber hackers. But at the same time, it can also slow down your Internet connection and, according to users, Hotspot Shield disconnects and gets stuck on connecting often. This can be extremely frustrating and … Read More

How to Fix Spotify Disconnects Once and for All

Cristian Miculi Fix Internet Disconnects, How To

Spotify is a great service used for streaming audio, whether you’re going to work, on vacation or just want to relax at home. But too often, Spotify disconnects and loses its connection either randomly or at constant intervals – which is annoying to say the least, for a service you’re paying for and which is supposed to help you feel … Read More