Rural Broadband in New Mexico

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At a time when high speed internet has become essential in keeping up with the rest of the world, it’s hard to believe that there are areas around the US where it’s typical to have average speeds of 3 Mbps. In rural New Mexico, residents can pay up to $96 per month for just 6 Mbps, a lot of times … Read More

Better, Faster Connectivity on WhatsApp

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In the past couple of years, chat apps like Whatsapp have become a lifeline for people staying in touch across the globe. For many folks with WhatsApp installed on their Android, iOS device,tablet or laptop, instant messaging and chatrooms have come to replace email and text message as a preferred mode of online interaction. Instantaneous delivery and notifications, as well … Read More

User Spotlight: Connectivity in Rural Areas

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Rural areas are great for people looking to get away from the noisy, polluted and agitated cities around the world. However, the Internet situation here is not as happy as within the urban areas. Most of the times, there is only one Internet service provider serving the area via cable, DSL or satellite. And, of course, there are also the … Read More

Speedify in Turkmenistan

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It always feels great to know that our Speedify app is in the Top 100 Apps in so many countries around the world. Just recently, we found out that Speedify is the #1 iOS App in Turkmenistan this week! We’re very happy about this and hope that our app has brought joy and convenience to the people of Turkmenistan. Thank … Read More

Speedify 3.6 is here!

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Say Hello to Speedify Desktop 3.6, the latest version of our channel bonding service for OS X and PC. Speedify Desktop 3.6 includes a number of fixes and improvements to enhance the speed and reliability of your Internet connections. Update to Speedify Desktop 3.6 right now and see what we’re talking about!    

Faster Photo Uploads to Instagram

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Are you experiencing slow Instagram with photos not loading and laggy video? Check out this article also! One of the best things about Instagram, is the capability to share videos and images on-the-go. When you’re traveling, it’s great to be able to take a photo and instantly share it to your Instagram account for friends and family to see. But … Read More