We’re at Wi-Fi NOW 2016 Conference!

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On April 20, Speedify CEO and Co-Founder, Alex Gizis, will be presenting at Wi-Fi Now 2016 in Washington, D.C.! Wi-Fi Now is the world’s premier Wi-Fi conference that brings together leaders in the industry to talk about and address enterprise, in-home, security, innovation, and carrier Wi-Fi during a three-day program. Alex will be giving a talk about Speedify, our channel … Read More

Snapchat too Slow? Here’s the Solution…

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Need to unblock Snapchat at school? Read below to see our quick fix The best thing about Snapchat is the ability to share videos and images on-the-go. When you’re traveling or out with friends, it’s great to be able to snap a photo or short video and instantly share it to your Snapchat story for friends to see. But inconsistent … Read More

Faster File Uploads to Google Drive

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Cloud storage has become an incredibly important part of our day-to-day lives. Important documents and files in the cloud can be accessed from all your devices, and storage services like Google Drive are continuing to become increasingly important for everyone who is hoping to hang onto all those pictures and videos that they take on their smartphone every day. The … Read More

No More Slow Load Time on Vimeo! Find Out How…

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Increasingly, streaming video is becoming the leading form of online media that we consume on the Internet. Recent stats show that a whopping 70% of North American Internet traffic during peak hours comes from streaming video. Even still, millions of people around the world still suffer from slow and spotty video streaming on Vimeo. We’ve all dealt with it: you’re … Read More

Speedify Desktop 3.5 is Here!

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Introducing Speedify Desktop 3.5, the latest version of our channel bonding service for OS X and PC. This version includes even more fine-tuning to the engine, which further improves the experience for all Speedify users. Update to Speedify Desktop 3.5 right now and see how much better your Internet can get!

The Secret to Faster Media Sharing on Twitter

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Twitter is a fantastic tool for sharing videos, images, and other content on-the-go. When you’re traveling, it’s great to be able to snap a photo and instantly post it to your Twitter feed for friends and family to see. But unreliable mobile data and Wi-Fi connectivity can be a big problem for users that want to share content throughout the … Read More