Rock Solid Reliability

Set Speedify to ‘Redundant Mode’ and enjoy rock-solid connectivity even when using multiple flaky Internet connections. In Redundant Mode, Speedify sends all of your data over every one of your Internet connections at the same time. Whichever packet gets through first, is the one to be delivered. The end result is the most consistent and reliable Internet access possible.

When Internet Uptime is All that Matters

Flawless Failover – Can’t afford to be offline? Even if one of your Internet connections becomes unavailable, Speedify seamlessly moves your traffic onto the working network until both connections become available again.

Improved Latency – If you rely on low-latency connectivity for gaming, or up-to-the-second stock trading Speedify’s ‘Redundancy’ feature can improve your overall latency by up to 40% no matter where you are.

Zero Configuration – Install the Speedify client software just like you would any other program, and our worldwide Speedify cloud servers do the rest: using the power of channel bonding to give you faster and more reliable Internet at the click-of-a-button.

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