The Best WiFi Assist for Your Mobile Devices

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Apple’s WiFi Assist feature was supposed to be a breakthrough for Internet connectivity, but unfortunately it isn’t very smart and it uses too much data, according to user reports. It also prevents you from knowing how much data you are actually using. In order to avoid using too much data you may want to disable WiFi Assist on your iPhone. … Read More

Why You Want Smart Auto Switch Between WiFi and Mobile

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One of the biggest challenges for many mobile phone users is maintaining Internet connectivity. Cell signal strength and WiFi networks are constantly fluctuating. Even small, momentary changes in signal can lead to lengthy Internet connection interruptions. When your mobile device loses a WiFi connection, it can take several precious minutes to get reconnected again. This is annoying when you are … Read More

3G / 4G Bonding Done By Software Only, No Hardware!

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When you have a remote operation you often have to depend on cellular networks for Internet access. But, one cellular connection alone usually doesn’t deliver enough bandwidth. The only solution is to bond multiple 3G/4G LTE connections together into a single pipe. That used to mean buying expensive equipment and paying for an IT service to get everything setup just … Read More

3G, 4G, and LTE Offloading Solutions – Speedify SDK

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Every day the demand for high bandwidth applications and services increases, putting more stress on an already oversaturated cellular signal infrastructure. LTE offloading has the potential to improve the overall consumer experience, while also sharply reducing costs for network operators and MVNOs. However, before widespread LTE offloading can become a reality, carriers need an easy and convenient way to get … Read More

How to Increase Jio 4G Internet Speed with Speedify!

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In terms of number of Speedify users, India has always been in our top 5 countries. But, despite rapid growth over the past several years, average Internet speeds still place India outside even the top 100 countries according to Akamai. Source: Akamai’s State of the Internet report, Q1 2016 In September 2016 Reliance Jio released their commercial services to people … Read More