How to Connect a 4G Cellular Dongle for Laptop PC to the Internet

Cristian Miculi How To

When there’s no Wi-Fi around, using a 3G / 4G / LTE cellular USB dongle for laptop to access the Internet from your PC is a good solution. The connection speeds mobile network providers offer nowadays are more than enough for you to even enjoy video streaming. Actually, many times a 3G / 4G mobile broadband connection is faster than … Read More

The Ultimate Guide to Getting a Fast VPN on iOS 12

Cristian Miculi Fast Bonding VPN, How To

Good news: iOS 12 is here and everybody is talking about it and how to upgrade their iPhones and iPads to take advantage of the coolest new features. In all this excitement, one should not forget about online security and Internet connection stability and speed. When talking about security and privacy on a smartphone, a VPN is the best choice. … Read More