How to Access Amtrak WiFi and Make It Bearable

AmtrakConnect – Wi-Fi Mixed with FrustrationWhen you’re traveling on a train, it becomes difficult to stay connected to the internet. The good thing is that several Amtrak trains offer Wi-Fi services. Apart from Wi-Fi in trains, there is also Wi-Fi on platforms.  And it’s all free! Amtrak has been operational for about 40 years and is the country’s intercity rail provider with several millions of … Read More

Upgrade the Amtrak Wi-Fi Onboard Experience with Speedify

Speedify fixes Amtrak’s flaky AmtrakConnect wi-fi so you can actually get stuff done Amtrak wifi isn’t just bad, its really bad. Despite long awaited upgrades to the system, Amtrak’s complimentary onboard wifi still struggles to keep up with modern data usage. Passengers eager to relax or get work done on their trip are often plagued by slow speeds and flaky … Read More

How to Fix Flaky WiFi on Amtrak

The solution to slow and unreliable Amtrak WiFi Lets call a spade a spade – Amtrak wifi is awful. It’s so bad it’s a practically a meme. Do any of these recent headlines sound familiar to you: The Why of Sucky Wifi on Amtrak Trains Wifi Woes Plague Amtrak on Northeast Corridor Amtrak Wifi: So Slow It Might as Well … Read More

Fast trains, Faster Internet: Speedify boosts your Amtrak WiFi

Speedify Amtrak WiFi

Many users have asked us if Speedify can improve their Amtrak commute. Here in the Northeast, most Amtrak trains do have complimentary WiFi. Unfortunately, the connection is often unreliable. There’s nothing worse than losing work because you’ve lost Internet access. Connectivity is even worse during peak hours, when more commuters are sharing the free WiFi. Amtrak even warns riders that … Read More