Building an IRL Streaming Backpack at Under $200 – Complete Guide

In This ArticleIRL Streaming Backpack ConceptWhat’s in the Backpack: Components You NeedThe Software Needed for Your Streaming BackpackPutting the IRL Streaming Backpack TogetherDIY: IRL Streaming Backpack with a Raspberry Pi and Speedify Channel Bonding Technology IRL Live Streaming is a lot of fun, but it can be expensive to get the equipment necessary to keep a stable HD stream going … Read More

Everything You Need to Know About Building an IRL Backpack

Mobile Live Streaming Backpack Kit for IRLAlong with the large scale availability of fast bandwidth connections, live streaming has grown exponentially. Stats say that 80% of customers prefer to watch a live video from a brand than read a blog. Plus – we’ve all seen the growth of vlogs and IRL streams. When live streaming from different locations, the most important thing … Read More

SOLVED: What’s the Best IRL Streaming Equipment?

IRL Live Streaming Gear – Essential EquipmentIRL live streaming is hot and trending. Just check out Twitch and see for yourself. In its most simple setup, all that you need is a smartphone and the streaming app. However, that might not offer the best quality for your viewers. When you’re live streaming in real life from different locations, having a … Read More

Make Live Streaming More Fun with This Budget IRL Streaming Backpack

Budget IRL Streaming Backpack – A Good Solution for Live Streaming Live streaming from different locations is an amazing experience and it’s made simpler with IRL streaming backpacks. There are decent priced alternatives to Gunrun‘s IRL streaming backpack on the market. One thing is for sure – an essential part of your budget IRL streaming backpack is making sure you have … Read More