How to do a Hotpsot Speed Test and Make Your Hotspot Faster

Slow Hotspot? Here’s How You Can Fix ThatUsing a hotspot is a great way to provide an internet connection to other devices, especially on the go. Whether you need other devices connected for work or you just want to share your internet with your friends, there is no denying a hotspot is a great feature to have. Most newer devices … Read More

Stuck on a Bad Hotspot? Fix It and Get Fast and Stable Internet with Speedify

How to Fix the Internet when Stuck on a Bad Hotspot Whether you’re a client of Xfinity, Time Warner Cable, Optimum or other Internet provider, one of the benefits is that with most of them you can benefit from a local or even national network of free public WiFi hotspots. The trouble is that some of these public WiFi hotspots are painfully slow or … Read More