How to fix slow Skype calls and solve lag and performance issues

Skype video chat can be one of the most useful tools for business and one of the best ways to stay in touch with friends and families. But, too often, slow Skype video chat turns what should be a useful tool into an aggravating experience. The worst part is when the problems start without warning. You will be having a … Read More

How to Fix Slow Live Stream Problems and End Buffering

Have you ever had problems hanging onto your Internet connection while streaming live? Do you often end up in places where the Internet is very slow? Ever been livestreaming while on the move and encountered jittery video or poor audio quality? You don’t have to live with slow live streams anymore, so if the answer to at least one of … Read More

What Causes Packet Loss?

Packets are small formatted units of data that you send and receive when accessing the Internet. In layman’s terms, Internet packet loss occurs when one or more of these packets fail to reach their destination on the Internet. For you, this means slow downs, disruptions, or even a total loss of connectivity. Many activities and applications are do not handle … Read More

How to Fix Internet Packet Loss

Packets are single small formatted units of data that you send and receive when accessing content across the Internet. Whenever you request a web page, upload a photo, download a file, stream a video, or play a game on the internet you exchanging millions of these tiny bits of data with remote computers and servers around the world. You can … Read More

The 4 Biggest Hurdles for SpaceX Satellite Internet Plan

Elon Musk is up to it again. He’s announced a plan to launch around 700 satellites that will provide high-speed Internet service to the entire world, and now Google is reportedly backing the project with a cool $1B investment. We happen to know more than a few things about satellite Internet. Not long after we launched our first product, the … Read More

How to Stream HD Video without Buffering

Ultra HD TVs are already on store shelves, and content is starting to roll out for this next-generation in screen resolution. Already this year, Netflix launched a new season of its popular ‘House of Cards’ series as its first foray into 4K content, and the film industry has officially adopted the standard, too. The trouble is, streaming 4K video content … Read More