Connection Bonding: How To Combine Internet Connections

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How good is your internet connection?Half of the World’s population has access to the Internet. But how many have a fast and stable connection? Many people still rely on a less than ideal connection, especially in rural areas. Satellite and dial-up are still a reality for many people around the world. And even with access to DSL, ADSL and 4G, people are still struggling … Read More

Need Bonded Internet for Events? Here’s Your Best Choice

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Fast Internet at Events is Paramount When you’re holding a corporate event, you need a lot of things. High speed internet is just one of them. Whether you want to give a presentation or email a document to all the participants, you need internet that doesn’t let you down. If your internet is slow or disconnects randomly, it will have … Read More

Bonding vs Load Balancing Explained: Brief Guide

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Channel Bonding vs Load Balancing: How Are They Different and How Do I Choose between Them? Among the technical jargon you encounter when looking for ways to get better Internet, you have probably stumbled upon these two terms: ‘channel bonding’ (also known as ‘broadband bonding’ or ‘link bonding’) and ‘load balancing’ (often referred to as ‘link balancing’). These techniques both … Read More