Slow Bonding Speeds with Speedify? See Causes and Solutions

Cristian MiculiCombining Internet Connections, How To

How to Get Fast Bonding Speeds when Combining Connections with SpeedifyWhen you’re using Speedify bonding VPN on your computer or mobile device, you should be getting fast, stable and secure Internet connectivity. Channel bonding technology allows you to combine multiple connections at once directly on your device. However, sometimes the combined speed you’re getting when using Speedify is slower than … Read More

LiveU Competitors: Best Bonding Service for Live Streaming

Alex GizisEnjoy Better Streaming, How To

Raspberry Pi Powered with Speedify Software Bonding Are you live streaming online? It’s a great way to create content, get known all over the world, plus a lot of fun. However, it can be expensive to get the necessary equipment to keep a stable live stream going while you’re out and about. First thing that comes into mind when taking … Read More

The Ultimate Frontier Channel Bonding Setup

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[GUIDE] Bonding Multiple Frontier Internet ConnectionsHere we go again, Internet issues with Frontier.  Videos taking forever to load, stopping and buffering forever when you just haven’t the patience. Giving up on games because of lag. The Internet just hangs up on you and disconnects with no rhyme or reason. You aren’t alone and there is a fix. So definitely contact your … Read More

The Ultimate Cox Channel Bonding Guide

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[SOLVED] Bonding Multiple Cox Internet ConnectionsWorking from home on your Cox Internet you realized how often you are having connection issues. It wasn’t such a big deal on the occasional work from home day here and there, but these days it’s really starting to be an issue. How can this be dealt with quickly? Naturally, the first impulse is to contact … Read More

Ultimate Spectrum Channel Bonding Guide

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[SOLVED] Bonding Multiple Spectrum Internet ConnectionsHaving Internet issues from Spectrum (Charter Spectrum) – it happens to everyone. Your stream is buffering and freezing. Try to play a game, it lags, gets disconnected – always at the worst time possible .  That Internet connection just keeps disconnecting randomly. You can reach out to Spectrum, and you definitely should – you are paying for services … Read More

The Ultimate Guide for Comcast Connection Bonding

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[SOLVED] Bonding Multiple Comcast Internet ConnectionsAh, Internet issues from Comcast (Xfinity) – who hasn’t gotten them at least once? You know you have it if you see videos stuttering and buffering, lag going through the roof while gaming online or your Internet connection simply disconnecting randomly. So how should you deal with that? Naturally, the first impulse is to contact Comcast – your ISP. Which you definitely … Read More