Is a Dedicated Bonding Router Really Worth the Money?

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What Is Bandwidth Bonding and How Does It Benefit You? As you’ve probably landed at this article looking for a bonding router, you are trying to combine 2 or more connections together. In computer networking context, channel bonding / bandwidth bonding / WAN-bonding / link aggregationrefers to combining (bonding) multiple network connections at the same time. This brings two main benefits: … Read More

How to Use Ethernet on iPhone Together with WiFi and Cellular Data

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Use Ethernet on Your iPhone to Get Faster, More Stable Internet Did you know you could connect to an Ethernet network using your iPhone? All you need to use Ethernet on iPhone is an adapter that goes into your Lightning port. There are several on the market; Apple even markets some of them in their online store. Why would you … Read More

Broadband Bonding Software – How it Works, Why It’s Better

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Broadband Bonding Software for Faster, More Reliable Internet Broadband can bring fast Internet to homes and businesses. But, sometimes it just isn’t fast enough. Here are just a few things that require a lot of bandwidth: music streaming,  video streaming, data intensive games and apps Plus, you might also encounter ISP throttling issues. Given all this, a regular broadband connection just isn’t enough … Read More

How to Use Your Computer as a Bonded DSL Modem Wireless Router

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Already Have Bonded DSL Installed and Looking for a Good Modem? When you connect to the Internet using a DSL type connection, the broadband might not be enough for you.  Here are just a few activities where a regular broadband connection just isn’t enough: online audio streaming,  video streaming,  online gaming  Throw in potential ISP throttling issues on top of the above … Read More

A-to-Z Guide to WiFi Offload Effectively as a Carrier or MVNO

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Mobile Data Offloading: Free Up Bandwidth Effectively Network operators (carriers) and mobile virtual network operators (MVNO) are facing a critical bandwidth issue. As Wi-Fi Now mentions, outside of probably a couple dozen active cases, carrier-driven WiFi offload has been less than widely adopted. But with the advent of unlimited data plans, WiFi ‘offload’ is poised for a comeback.  The fact … Read More

How to Combine 3 Internet Connections at Once

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Combine Wi-Fi, Cellular, Fiber, Cable, DSL, Satellite and Other Connection Types If you’re thinking of combining 3 Internet connections simultaneously, it’s probably because you need more bandwidth or a more stable Internet connection. Before we created Speedify, there was no easy way to do this. Now, all you need are three or more Internet connections from different upstream networks. Then, … Read More